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Eden 38mm

discontinued..wacth out for our new grass Supaplush in the coming weeks. 45mm high, super dense Supaplush blurs the lines between natural and synthetic grass. Sold exclusively through reelgrass.

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Lush 40mm

Lush is one of the best looking grasses on the market today. Its non-shiny appearance and mid-width blade give a great look to this grass. A 40mm 4 color grass, Lush is available in 3.76m and 1.88m wide rolls up to 20m in length.

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Fresh 40mm

Fresh is our most popular grass and for good reason. The dense, fine-blade grass looks stunning in homes as well as commercial properties and parks. A non-shiny 40mm 4 color grass, Fresh is for those looking for the best grass on the market. Available in 2m and 4m wide rolls up to 20m in length.

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Nature uses the same grass as our best selling Lush grass. Being a 35mm height brings the price down. You are getting the latest technology grass with money left in your pocket!

Available in 2m and 4m widths. Rolls up to 20 lineal metres.

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Summer is a 35mm grass similar to our Fresh grass. A fine blade grass in a darker shade. Summer is a great choice for new builds at a great price.

Available in 1.88m and 3.76m widths. Roll lengths up to 30 lineal metres

See Specification details


Spring 30mm

Spring is a very popular 30mm grass, based on our top-selling Fresh grass. It is a 4 colour 30mm grass, non-shiny and perfect for residential or commercial applications. Available in 3.76m or 1.88m wide rolls up to 30m in length.

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Leisure Pro 13mm

Leisure Pro is a high-quality, low-pile 13mm grass. Suitable for backyard putting greens, patios, high-rise applications, balconies etc., it comes in 4m wide rolls only up to 20m in length.

See Specification details


Lowcut 20

Lowcut 20 is a 20mm 4 color grass perfect for a quick change on a budget. Available in 3.76m and 1.88m wide rolls up to 20m in length.

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Budget 7mm

BUDGET, as the name suggests, is a sensibly-priced 7mm grass suitable for a quick fix to your patio of garage. Need a bit of green for a temporary solution (a party perhaps)? BUDGET grass will fix your problem.

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