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DIY’S Installation

Reelgrass synthetic grass is easy to install, perfect for DIYs. However if you want it installed we are there for you. Our team of professional installers can visit you and give you a no obligation design service and quote.

If you want to do it yourself, see our fact sheet below to help you create your special project. We also provide speedy advice.

We also sell –

  • sand
  • pins
  • self-adhesive join tape

Step 1

Excavate lawn area to a depth of 80mm, clearing the area of existing grass and weeds.

Step 2

Lay 70mm of crushed rock/roadbase and compact with vibrating plate compactor.

Step 3

Lay a final layer of 10 mm crushed dust or fine Scoria Level with a rake or timber board and compact again. Finally, level out any bumps and low spots and compact a final time. Compaction 3 to 4 times is the key to a good job.

Step 4

Position the grass making sure you start from one edge and roll out. Cut overhanging quantities with a sharp knife.

Step 5

If you have a join, position the 2 pcs so there is a 2-3mm gap between the pcs. Peel back the 2 pcs and lay join tape, fixing to the ground with 2-3 pins. Slowly peel off the backing tape to expose the sticky join tape. Carefully grab the 2 pcs of grass at one end, and “fold” the grass onto the join tape. (Both pieces should be folded to the join tape together – not one at a time).


Make sure no grass is caught underneath (best have another person help you with this job). Once down, walk along the join to bond the grass to the join tape.

Step 6

Once you have covered the complete area, nail all perimeters @30cm intervals with nails or weedmat pins. For the best look, make sure no grass is squashed under the weedmat pins.

Step 7

Top dress the grass with quality kiln dried sand, -a bag of 25kg sand should be spread evenly over 3 – 5m2 (Depending on grass type).

Step 8

For best results, a power broom is used to brush the sand into the pile. The broom is used to pull up and straighten the grass.

Sit back and relax, your grass is complete.


CAUTION- the grass can become warm in direct sunlight, please check the surface temperature before walking on it with bare skin. MAINTAINENCE- for best results, clean off leaves and debris , and brush pile upright on a regular basis.

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