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How Artificial Grass Can Help You Sell Your Home

How Artificial Grass Can Help You Sell Your Home

Artificial grass is all the rage and homeowners are quickly realising that it can be a huge selling point for their homes. With artificial grass, you never have to worry about watering your lawn again. It has so many benefits but most importantly, it can help attract more buyers. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering installing artificial grass:

Why is artificial grass so popular with home buyers?

Artificial grass is a popular option for homeowners because it’s low-maintenance, durable, and doesn’t use up their valuable land space. If you’re thinking about installing artificial turf in your yard, here are the benefits to consider: 

1) You’ll save time and money on lawn care. Artificial turf can last 10 years with proper maintenance, which saves you from having to spend hours of your free time mowing or watering. It also prevents erosion by eliminating foot traffic on delicate natural ground coverings that may have been there before you installed it.

2) Your home will sell more quickly when looking for buyers if it has artificial turf rather than natural grass. Potential homeowners want an easy-to-maintain property without the hassle of dealing with natural ground coverings, such as gross, that are prone to weather damage.

3) It’s environmentally friendly because it reduces the need for pesticides and fertilisers, saves water and it can preserve your lawn in the long run.

4) You can install it yourself or pay a landscape company to do it for you – either way is easy and inexpensive!


How does artificial grass increase your home’s value?

Whether you’re planning to buy or sell a home, artificial turf can help increase your property value. A beautiful, green lawn is inviting for potential buyers, but it’s an added bonus if you have artificial grass. Upkeep of natural ground coverings and natural grass can be costly and time-consuming – all reasons why homeowners appreciate the convenience of synthetic grass. Although there may be a short-term cost, the long-term savings and added value make it worth it.

Installing artificial turf in your yard can be one of the best ways to draw in potential buyers, especially when it comes time to sell your property. Many studies suggest that attractive landscaping can add up to 10% more value than an otherwise similar property without landscaping. And when you consider the easy maintenance, it makes a home with artificial turf a more alluring option.

If you want to sell your home in today’s market, consider installing fake grass before you list it for sale. Not only does synthetic turf add an aesthetic value, but it can also help boost your property value. If you’re thinking about listing your home in the future, artificial turf could be a great investment.

How much does artificial grass cost?

The average cost of artificial grass is around $20-$30 per square metre plus labour costs. Factors that affect the price include the size of your yard, including the type of synthetic “turf” and where you’re located.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass

If you are considering installing artificial grass in your home, there are many questions that may come to mind. These are some of the more commonly asked questions about installation and maintenance for homeowners interested in this product:

Is it high maintenance?

Artificial grass can be high maintenance on first purchase and installation. This is why most people hire someone like ReelGrass to install it for them. It takes a little more care and attention than natural turf would, but once it’s installed, it practically lives on its own.

How soon can you walk on it afterward?

Typically, if it is installed properly you can walk on your yard in one to two days. Make sure there are no surprise restrictions when installing artificial grass for your home.

Are there chemicals used in the manufacturing of synthetic grass?

Yes, but they are all inert and do not affect the environment or people. The materials leave little to no residual odour and are non-toxic.

Does the colour fade over time?

Yes, just like any other synthetic material that is exposed to sunlight it can fade over time if not properly maintained.

Can I vacuum artificial grass?

Yes, you can vacuum artificial grass which is an effective way of clearing up any debris or food you might have dropped. As with natural grass, you can also water down the synthetic grass to clean up any stains or just to give it a wash.


Artificial grass may be utilised to add value to your property, which is something that is getting increasingly closer and harder to avoid recommending. The idea of having a long-lasting, flexible, and inexpensive grass solution becomes more alluring even with the drawbacks and issues that might accompany it.

If you’re searching for artificial turf for your lawn and want to know more, contact Reelgrass’s professionals. Our courteous team will assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.

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